I just really appreciate the loving care they have provided. You can tell they care.

Melody K.

Thank you all for the help and care you gave my sister. God Bless you all

Happy sister of client

Thank you so much! My dad finally has an aid that we can trust. You’re doing an amazing job, we appreciate it.

Happy daughter of client

Sharon does a great job and John really liked her. You all make my life much better.

Happy Caretaker

I am writing this letter to tell everyone how much I appreciate ‘At Home Care for You’ They are on top of what is going on. They work hard at what they do to keep their client happy. I’ve been very happy with their integrity and the things they do for you to get you what you need. Their attitudes are awesome and they don’t mind changing appointments around in order to accommodate yours. I am totally appreciative to them.

Happy Client

The purpose of this letter is to inform all concerned parties of the excellent care provided to my son, S. by the caregivers assigned to him by Kim. She is very understanding of S’s needs and has assigned very qualified caregivers for him. Unfortunately, the last two caregivers quit due to their personal schedules. However, Kim works very hard to assure that S’s needs are taken care of.

One oustanding example is Janice who has been taking care of S for nearly two years making sure that his needs are met including taking him to the doctor for blood tests and checkups according to the doctor’s schedule. She also takes him for haircuts, to the dentist, and shopping for items for his personal needs. She sees to it that his bedroom is sanitized and cleaned and that all his laundry is done daily. She also prepares his meals and sees to it that he takes his meds on time.

Since S was a pastor before his stroke, attending church and church activities is very important to him. S is most appreciative that Janice willingly makes it possible for him to attend these Christian functions. She also takes him to functions such as concerts in the park and to dinner at local restaurants thus enabling him to participate in a more satisfying lifestyle. I realize it is difficult for Kim to find people she can assign to S and I appreciate her efforts to find caregivers who can provide the care S needs.

Since S’s mother passed a year and a half ago and I am disabled and cannot provide these activities for him, Janice’s willingness to do so makes it possible for S to enjoy a life similar to what he was accustomed to before his mother’s death.

I want to express my satisfaction with the care provided to S by At Home Care For You.

-Happy father of client

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I just really appreciate the loving care they have provided. You can tell they care.
Melody K.

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